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The demand for this training is urgent and worldwide. Your clients include Corporate and Business Employee Safety & Homeland Security Programs, Schools & colleges Disaster Preparedness Programs, Community Centers, CERT programs, or you can start your own Small Business offering one-day classes to the general public.

If you're not an Instructor yet
G\You can get a concise overview of the course's main elements. The Handbook contains the formulas, including the first 24-hours Action Outline, a condensed Rapid Triage, Crush Injury, Shock, bleeding control, splinting & bandaging, getting local help. There is much more in the Course itself and the Teaching Powerpoint. The Handbook is not the whole course, and has a different function:To be kept in the First Aid Kit, and as a refresher of the formulas information and skills learned in class. $6.95


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 -Table of contents -  -Table of contents -