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For C.E.R.T. Programs

Citizens unanimously state that for them, First Aid is the most important component of disaster response and the part that's most beneficial to them. A common complaint we hear about CERT programs is disappointment in the "Medical" segment: "It was not enough."


DFA is concise but complete.
Designed specifically for disaster, DFA is esssentials-only, written in clear plain language with no medical words and no unrealistic expectations. Anyone can save lives if they know these simple critical formulas & skills, and do them quickly.

This is NOT "standard" first aid. Drastically different from any other first aid you've seen before, DFA is a compact, one-day course that contains ONLY the essential skills and information for saving the saveable lives in multi-casualty incidents, based on standard disaster protocols of EMT & firefighter First Responders, adapted to the citizen level of ability and resources.

"Best training manual I have seen for teaching the lay public what to do when EMS can not be there. Good job!"
Firefighter Gary McLean, RN, Paramedic, Sandy Fire District, Sandy OR

All materials in the book, ebook, Instructor Kit, and Powerpoint presentation are copyrighted by V. Chames and Disaster First Aid Training System, all rights reserved.

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