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For Independent Instructors


Independent Instructors have the benefits of a small business. Set your own flexible part-time or full-time schedules, classes, and rates, or Start your own Training Center.

Teach DFA as a community service or for income. We provide email support and a free ad-listing and link with your contact information on our website. You can teach DFA at your own location, or travel to your client's loacation. You can set up annual, semi-annual, or monthly contracts; all large corporations are required to have ongoing Employee Safety, Disaster Preparedness, and Homeland Securty programs.

DFA is portable. Take your instructor manual and DVD, laptop, and projector (or use theirs) on the road to and teach at private clubs, camps and recreational facilities, jobsites, cruise lines, hotels, condos and gated communities.


Taught my first Disaster First Aid class Saturday – had a ball!"
– Winfield Chase, OCEVA.org Volunteer Association, Seal Beach CA

Your Instructor Kit is fantastic. I am presenting it at the American Camp Association's New England Conference...You are an inspiration.”
- Juanita Allen, Community Director Century Health Systems, Natick


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