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For Schools

Prepare teachers & administrators
to respond to a large scale emergency quickly, calmly, and effectively. Suitable for all faculty, and students age 14 and older.

Benefits For Your School:
1. Increase enrollments by reassuring parents that your faculty and staff are trained and prepared to handle Emergency and protect their children as much as possible in a disaster such as earthquake.


2. Use your regular faculty to teach DFA and/or utilize parents and other volunteers to assist with the hands-on skills.

3. Use DFA as a source of fund-raising. Present evening or weekend classes in Disaster First Aid for families and businesses in your community. Many High Schools and Middle Schools organize and sponsor Student Emergency Response Teams as a Community Service component of their curriculum.

GEt the e-book

“Your course went over very well! It looks like this class will continue into next year with this School District as they were quite impressed with it.
Kim Desch, RN, BSN, NP, Poway School District, San Diego County CA

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 -Table of contents -  -Table of contents -