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About the Instructor Kit

DFA is user-friendly and easy to teach. The Powerpoint presentation guides you through all topics & hands-on practice. Instructor Materials are simple and clear. The Instructor Kit makes Disaster First Aid teachable by non-profrssionals as well as those experienced at teaching.


1. Instructor Guide & Teaching manual

2. 80-slide PowerPoint presentation

3.Teaching Outline in Californai State Fire Marshall's T-Format

4. Class forms, Liability Release form, administrative forms, student's Course Eval form, Test & answer key.

5. Task Checklist, setup and takedown, Equipment Checklist, and more.

DFA is a complete Training System "designed for disaster" from the ground up– Not just another basic First Aid course with a disaster-spin. This is a whole new concept, based on standards used by EMS First Responders

This course was written by an experienced Adult Education Teacher and Emergency Medical caregiver, former Firefighter, Fire Training Officer, Emergency Medical Services Officer, and Hospital E.R. Emergency Medical Technician with more than 25 years of hospital and field experience.

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