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What is Disaster First Aid?

A book, a course, and an Instructor Kit for teaching this one-day, 4 to 6 hour citizen-level disaster response training course of simple critical skills & information that can save many lives that are lost needlessly while waiting too long for help. Suitable for almost everyone, from age 14 to seniors.


Business and Corporate
Employee Safety and
Homeland Security Programs

For Schools, K-12, College and Community classes

For City or County CERT, NERT, DART, CORE, Disaster Preparedness volunteer Training for citizens

For Independent Instructors,
Small Business Training Centers
and Neighborhood Groups

This course was written by an experienced Adult Education Teacher and Emergency Medical caregiver, former Firefighter, Fire Training Officer, Emergency Medical Services Officer, and hospital E.R. Emergency Medical Technician with more than 25 years of hospital and field experience.


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